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National Office Supplies Retailer: Store Redesign

Posted in: Construction & Store Design, Consumer Products, Ethnographic/Secret Shopper, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

National Office Supplies Retailer: Store Redesign

Challenge: Following up on earlier store-redesign research that evaluated alternative designs for a major office supplies retailer’s computer and technology section, a new store design was implemented.

Objective: To gauge customer reactions to the new store layout and gain a deeper understanding of how the new store design affected the shopping experience.

Solution: A large number of in-store shop-a-longs were conducted across multiple markets among business and consumer targets, along with in-depth-interviews among store associates, to uncover perceptions of the new store design and ease of shopping.

Result: The research confirmed the improvements of the redesign over the old layout and Plan-it made recommendations for how to further improve the layout, display, selection, and signage.