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John Hancock: Collateral/Sales Evaluation

Posted in: Communications Development and Evaluation, Financial Services

John Hancock: Collateral/Sales Evaluation

Challenge: To develop consistent, compelling sales materials that meet the needs of the potential John Hancock customer, as well as the independent insurance agent, while remaining true to the core values of the John Hancock brand.

Objective: To provide input for the development of sales and collateral materials across lines of business as well as corporate branding and sales materials, to ensure relevant content, messaging and design.  Additionally, to explore content and ease-of-use of Hancock’s web site and guide the development of relevant messaging for aggregator sites.

Solution: Plan-it conducted in-depth interviews among insurance decision-makers and independent insurance agents to probe in-depth the sales process from both the customer and insurance agent’s perspective:  information desired/relayed in the sales process, the use of collateral materials in sales discussions, and reactions to materials and the web site in terms of messages conveyed, look/feel, fit with the John Hancock brand, and ability to drive consideration of John Hancock.

Result: Key insights provided guidance for the development of the most compelling and effective sales materials which conveyed critical, clear information, in keeping with the John Hancock corporate brand promise and tone/feel.  Plan-it also provided input for fine-tuning web site content and navigability, both on the Hancock site and aggregator sites.