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John Hancock: Corporate Monitor

Posted in: Brand Tracking/Monitoring, Financial Services

John Hancock: Corporate Monitor

Background: Over a nearly 20 year relationship with John Hancock, Plan-it’s work encompassed a breadth of proprietary qualitative and quantitative research studies among consumer and business audiences, including the development of a Brand & Economic Monitor to help guide long-term planning for the brand.

Objective: To create an instrument that would help John Hancock not only track attitudes toward the brand and its communications efforts, but would also ensure a strong ongoing understanding of economic attitudes in the marketplace by measuring consumer confidence and attitudes toward the economy, employment and the financial industry overall.

Solution: A large scale quantitative national survey was designed and conducted annually to measure economic attitudes and their potential impact on the brand, as well as key brand indicators.

Result: Key insights from the study helped guide ongoing marketing and communications activities over time and helped the brand gauge Hancock’s return on its media investment.