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Johnson & Wales University: Evaluating Brand Awareness

Posted in: Brand Tracking/Monitoring, Education/Cultural

Johnson & Wales University: Evaluating Brand Awareness

Challenge: Johnson & Wales University was founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1914 and added locations in three other states in recent decades. The school was suffering from low brand awareness and lack of a clearly defined image, particularly in its newest locations. A tracking study was conducted to evaluate the communications effectiveness of a new JWU brand campaign on key measures.

Objective: To evaluate brand and advertising awareness, consideration of Johnson & Wales and influence of JWU advertising on driving interest, ultimately to help drive future marketing efforts.

Solution: A multi-phase brand tracking study was conducted, each consisting of over 1,000 online surveys among prospective students, prospective parents and alumni, measuring a baseline of key measures prior to the break of a new advertising campaign. Post-waves have evaluated the impact and effectiveness of the campaign after running for a significant media period.

Result: Learning was used to measure changes in awareness, reputation and consideration of Johnson & Wales over time. Plan-it’s insights were used as input for long-term brand planning for the University overall as well as for the individual locations.