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Lynn Museum: Increasing Engagement

Posted in: Art & Culture, Brand Positioning & Development, Communication, Customer Retention, Education/Cultural, Problem ID, Qualitative Exploratory

Lynn Museum: Increasing Engagement

Challenge: In 2014, The Lynn Museum and Historical Society merged with LynnArts to create a new cultural organization that forms the cornerstone of the arts and cultural district of Lynn, Massachusetts. The Lynn museum was struggling with market awareness following this transition.

Objective: To develop a cohesive marketing strategy for both organizations under one umbrella and create specific initiatives aimed at increasing engagement with the surrounding community.

Solution: A Qualitative exploratory was conducted consisting of a roundtable discussion with board-members, and a series of phone interviews and focus groups among local businesses, artists/musicians, community leaders, and school district constituents, to better understand the perceptions and knowledge of Lynn Museum/LynnArts. Group discussions were conducted within the museum space to obtain “real world” reactions.

Result: Plan-it findings and insights helped Lynn Museum/LynnArts create a clear vision for its merged organization by providing recommendations on a new name and brand identity. Additionally, Plan-it provided recommendations on strategies to make Lynn Museum/LynnArts a more desired North Shore cultural destination, and offered tactics to encourage engagement with the North Shore Community, through physical space improvements, communications, community events, exhibits, and other activities.