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Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Brand Tracking/Monitoring, Fashion, Retail, Tracking Communications


Challenge: Nautica was interested in updating and modernizing the Nautica brand.

Objective: Plan-it partnered with Nautica to determine the overall effectiveness in the marketplace of a new branding effort, designed to reinvigorate the brand.

Solution: To track brand attitudes over time, Plan-it conducted a two-phase study; a pre-wave prior to advertising launch, to establish a benchmark measure of key indicators, and a post-wave after the advertising had run for a period of time to measure changes in brand indicators. Plan-it also segmented the marketplace to profile audiences attitudinally, behaviorally, and demographically and identify the segments that offered the greatest opportunity for the brand.

Result: Plan-it made recommendations for enhancing and tweaking brand efforts, as well as suggestions to more effectively target the greatest opportunity segments through messaging and merchandising. In addition, brand tracking efforts confirmed the new campaign solidified an updated image of the Nautica brand.