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A Major Investment Provider

Posted in: Financial Services, Product/Service Development/Viability, Products & Services, Qualitative Exploratory

A Major Investment Provider

Challenge: A major investment provider was considering launching a joint banking and investment offering with a major banking partner.

Objective: As a first step in understanding the impact of this potential offering, the investment provider wanted to understand, from both client and FA/CA perspectives, how clients currently utilize their banking and investment accounts, key pain points of both audiences, as well as their reactions to the concept of a joint banking and investment offering.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a series of focus groups across two markets among the investment provider’s clients as well as focus groups among FAs and CAs to gather in-depth insights into current client and FA/CA attitudes and behaviors and to illicit responses to the new offering.

Result: Plan-it recommended a strategy for the offering moving forward, including the ideal branding approach as well as key features and functionalities that the offering should incorporate in order to optimize both client interest and FA/CA satisfaction.