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Major Investment Firm: New Product Viability

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Communication, Communications Development and Evaluation, Consumer Products, Customer Retention, Financial Services, Product/Service Development/Viability

Major Investment Firm: New Product Viability

Challenge: A major financial institution was launching a new affluent advisory offering initiative, combining personal advisers with a state-of-the-art digital platform to develop and support financial planning.

Objective: To confirm audiences previously identified in qualitative focus groups, assess how well the new offering performed against other products offered by the institution and competitive projects, as well as identify the most effective positioning.

Solution: Plan-it conducted 2,000 online surveys nationwide among clients and prospects across previously identified segments utilizing Conjoint, MaxDiff and Source of Volume analyses to test the appeal of the offering against similar products.

Result: Insights gathered from the data confirmed which audiences to target and identified the most compelling features and RTBs. Recommendations were made to tailor the most compelling messages to key audiences and minimalize cannibalization of existing brand offerings.