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Office Supply Company: Private Label Equity

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Communications Development and Evaluation, Customer Retention, Professional Services/B2B, Qualitative Exploratory

Office Supply Company: Private Label Equity

Challenge: A national office supplies chain wanted to understand the equity among businesses of its 7-year-old private label of cleaning and facilities products, particularly relative to the chain’s overall brand.

Objective: To help the company decide whether or not to rebrand the private label.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a series of focus groups and telephone interviews among small to mid-market facilities managers to discuss attitudes toward private label cleaning and facility supplies, perceptions of the private label brand versus the company brand and other competitors, and the pros/cons of replacing the private label brand with the chain’s brand.

Result: Based on insights, Plan-it made recommendations for future branding of its private label cleaning and facility supplies to appeal to the widest range of small and mid-market customers, as well as messaging for a smooth transition if the brand were to change. Plan-it also made customer service and packaging recommendations.