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Major Regional Bank: Enhancing Online Offerings

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Creative Development, Financial Services, Qualitative Exploratory, Website Usability

Major Regional Bank: Enhancing Online Offerings

Challenge: As an innovator in the online banking industry, a major regional bank was interested in updating its online offering, by adding a number of new features and functions.

Objective: To provide “best practices” website functionality and content that is relevant, intuitive and compelling.

Solution: The bank partnered with Plan-it and conducted two studies: A Qualitative site exploratory was conducted to help gain in-depth insights into the behaviors and mindsets of both current and deactivated/“lapsed” website customers, ultimately to understand their critical needs and unmet needs from a banking web site. A follow-up website usability was conducted among active and infrequent/inactive customers to assess reactions to three potential website designs, to uncover the preferred design/approach, fit with the brand positioning, perceived ease of navigability and impact on interest in the brand.

Result: Based on insights and learning from these studies, Plan-it provided strategies and tactics to improve features, retain loyal customers and increase loyalty and usage among infrequent/inactive customers. This major regional bank was later acquired by one of the largest U.S. banks, and this updated site became the precursor to the national banks’ current online banking site, and is recognized as an online leader in the industry.