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Major Investment Provider: Female Advisors

Posted in: Communications Development and Evaluation, Financial Services, Qualitative Exploratory

Major Investment Provider: Female Advisors

Challenge: As part of an initiative to attract and retain high performing female financial consultants, a national financial advisory provider wanted to develop new recruitment communications materials that would be relevant.

Objective: To better understand the mindset of this audience and obtain feedback to understand how well communications concepts conveyed their intended messages and their effectiveness in driving interest in the company as an employer.

Solution: A Qualitative concept exploratory of in-depth interviews was conducted among female financial advisors across the country who fit the target profile.

Result: Learning from this study helped the company understand the mindset of potential female consultants and the messaging that would motivate them to choose an employer. Insights also helped understand the benefits that would motivate consideration. Plan-it recommendations provided input for fine tuning the recruitment communications prior to launch, and provided input for further development of the value proposition.