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National Office Supplies Chain: Improving Back-to-School Stratgies

Posted in: Communication, Customer Retention, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

National Office Supplies Chain: Improving Back-to-School Stratgies

Challenge: A national office supplies retailer wanted to create greater engagement with teachers and ensure that it delivers on the educational needs of teachers both in-store and online, ultimately to motivate teachers to make the retailer their leading choice for purchasing school supplies.

Objective: To explore teachers’ classroom supplies needs, process in setting up classrooms, and decision drivers in choosing a retailer from which to purchase school supplies. Further, to discover perceptions of various retailers, regarding classroom supplies and their support of teachers.

Solution: Plan-it conducted focus groups in Boston and Atlanta among teachers who are key decision-makers regarding classroom supplies.

Result: Based on the findings, Plan-it made recommendations for in-store, website, and promotional strategies to attract teachers and set the retailer apart from the competition, ultimately to position it as the go-to retailer for school supplies.