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National Office Supplies Store: Improving Shopper Experience

Posted in: Consumer Products, Customer Retention, Products & Services, Professional Services/B2B, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

National Office Supplies Store: Improving Shopper Experience

Challenge: A major office supplies retailer wanted to improve its multi-channel shopping experience for small business customers, ultimately to better cater to small business shopping needs and appetites.

Objective: To better understand multi-channel shopping attitudes and behaviors, current perceptions of the brand and key competitors’ shopping channels, and reactions to the brand’s multi-channel tools and features.

Solution: Plan-it conducted an exploratory discussion among the retailer’s small business customers who use multiple channels to purchase office supplies. The study was conducted across the Boston and Chicago markets.

Result: Based on findings and insights, Plan-it made recommendations for refining the multi-channel shopping experience via valuable cross-channel tools and features, and provided input for communications strategies to generate awareness of new and current cross-channel tools and features to benefit small business customers.