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RE/MAX New England

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RE/MAX New England

Challenge: Based on learning from a previous two-phase Broker/Owner Assessment study conducted by Plan-it, RE/MAX NE had put initiatives into place with respect to supporting franchisees across a number of areas, including coaching/training, support materials, and other marketing initiatives. As a follow-up to this study, RE/MAX NE needed to understand the impact of its efforts on franchisee satisfaction and attitudes, to ultimately build long-term loyalty among these owners.

Objective: To gauge the success of these initiatives/efforts and understand current perceptions of and satisfaction with RE/MAX NE among its broker/owners.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a Quantitative Brand Monitor study, utilizing online surveys to measure critical brand indicators, providing a snapshot of the brand’s image among its current franchisees.

Result: RE/MAX NE used Plan-it’s recommendations as input for long term brand planning, including communications and operations strategies to build and maintain brand loyalty among this audience.