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Educational Tour Company

Posted in: Communication, Communications Development and Evaluation, Education/Cultural, International, Marketing Profile & Segmentation, Professional Services/B2B, Travel

Educational Tour Company

Challenge: Plan-it worked on numerous projects over time with an educational tour company which specializes in culturally enriching international tours for students, providing marketing and operational guidance to help develop the brand.

Objective: In one engagement, the company turned to Plan-it for insight in developing a customer retention strategy.

Solution: Plan-it directed a comprehensive research effort to develop rich profiles of the company’s key target audiences. This included in-depth interviews with Group Leaders (both high school teachers and college professors) to uncover operational challenges and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s current services. Plan-it’s work focused on understanding critical decision drivers for leading a tour and developing an understanding of shifting patterns in tour purchase and travel behavior. Another engagement explored the tour experience among high school and college students to understand the “user” perspective.

Result: Plan-it’s work led to more targeted marketing efforts, communications with more impact, and improved travel services from the tour company.