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Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Fashion, Problem ID, Retail, Win/Loss


Challenge: To combat stagnant sales, Ross-Simons, a fine jewelry retailer, undertook an initiative to better understand how the brand could most effectively increase repeat business among current customers and attract new customers to the brand.

Objective: Develop strategies for building brand loyalty by better understanding the decision process, key needs and brand attitudes.

Solution: Part of this effort included an in-depth analysis of the brand’s database which revealed a large group of Ross-Simons catalog customers who had purchased high-end items in the past three years, but had not made a repeat purchase since. To further uncover attitudes towards the brand, satisfaction with purchases, and reasons for not making additional purchases, Plan-it designed a two-phase Qualitative and Quantitative study to gain in-depth insights into why “lapsed” customers had not returned to Ross-Simons and how to win customers back.

Result: Based on key learning, Plan-it provided Ross-Simons with operational, merchandising and communications strategies and tactics to motivate lapsed customers to become repeat customers and, ultimately, develop stronger loyalty to the brand.