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Slim Fast

Posted in: Communication, Communications Development and Evaluation, Healthcare, Qualitative Exploratory

Slim Fast

Challenge: Slim-Fast wanted to understand how the brand could most effectively partner with physicians to support them in their efforts to help patients with weight control issues.

Objective: To explore doctors’ attitudes toward Slim-Fast as a product to be recommended to their patients.

Solution: Plan-it conducted exploratory work among PCPs and Cardiologists in focus groups across two key U.S. markets to better understand their role in advising patients regarding diet and exercise, their attitudes toward Slim-Fast, barriers to recommending Slim-Fast, and how Slim-Fast could effectively aid their patients’ weight loss efforts.

Result: Insights from this study were used in the development of a Slim-Fast branded physician’s “pack,” which included exercise and nutritional information and strategies, as well as Slim-Fast products.