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Posted in: Fashion, International, Marketing Profile & Segmentation, Retail


Challenge: Historically, Swatch had been perceived as a “plastic-only” brand in the U.S. The company wanted to evaluate potential long-term opportunities that would help achieve the same brand success in the U.S. that it had internationally.

Objective: Evaluate long-term opportunities for the brand to strengthen in the U.S.

Solution: Following an in-depth exploratory probe that utilized numerous diary and visual techniques to elicit deeper emotions, implementation of a comprehensive quantitative segmentation study. The segmentation identified target audiences that offered the greatest potential for growth of the brand, and profiled their watch needs, relative to the Swatch brand.

Result: Plan-it helped Swatch better understand American watch consumers and developed strategies that focused on the brand’s line of Irony watches (metal and leather) to appeal to the American watch appetite. Recommendations were made related to the products, communications, and merchandising, relevant to each segment, which were implemented in the marketplace.