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Posted in: Communication, Communications Development and Evaluation, Financial Services


Challenge: During an economic downturn, UBS’ Global Advertising Team developed new print ads targeting its high-net-worth clients. Given the uncertainty in the economy and negative news reports about the major investment players, UBS was concerned about the impact on investor attitudes toward the brand.

Objective: UBS was specifically interested in understanding U.S. high-net-worth customers’ mindsets and investment behavior in the current market environment and reactions to the advertising prior to launch.

Solution: Plan-it conducted group discussions with high-net-worth clients to understand feelings about the economy, perceptions of major financial players in the marketplace including UBS, and how effective the ads were in inspiring a sense of confidence in the brand.

Result: Based on key insights, Plan-it made recommendations for tweaking the ads prior to final production, including overall messaging strategies, visuals, head line, copy and tagline recommendations.