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State Street: Global Positioning

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Financial Services, International, Professional Services/B2B, Qualitative Exploratory

State Street: Global Positioning

Challenge: Plan-it was hired as part of a marketing team to help State Street develop a new global positioning for the brand.

Objective: To develop the optimal brand umbrella positioning, to work across diverse targets and global markets.

Solution: Plan-it conducted international focus groups and more than 200 in-depth telephone interviews (Quasi Qualitative & Quantitative study) among employees, customers (asset managers, investment managers, investment bankers), consultants, analysts, and media personnel across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Interviews focused on attitudes toward State Street and global competitors and the impact of changing economic factors on the industry and the brand.

Result: Plan-it provided an in-depth analysis of industry trends, State Street’s position in the global marketplace, subsidiary brand awareness, as well as perceptions of core brand values and reactions to the State Street logo. Ultimately, Plan-it made positioning and brand architecture recommendations to effectively evolve the State Street brand globally. Today, the Fortune 500 company operates in 29 countries and in more than 100 geographic markets worldwide.