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Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Professional Services/B2B, Technology, Website Usability


Challenge: While Verizon had a strong consumer retail business, it wanted to more deeply penetrate the business market.

Objective: To help Verizon strengthen its business-to-business relationships.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a website Development and Usability Study, where current and potential users were exposed to web concepts, then evaluated interest and relevance, ease-of-navigation, intuitiveness and brand image conveyed by the site. Ultimately, this study assisted Verizon in developing a site that would act as a sales tool for the Yellow Pages sales force, optimizing sales and strengthening customer relationships.

Result: Plan-it developed a strategy to help position the company, and recommended key services and features to be incorporated into the site for providing maximum value to both customers and the sales force. Today, Verizon services 150+ countries, operates America’s largest 4G-LTE network, and delivers a broad range of services to 99% of the companies included in the Fortune 500.