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State Street: Unifying Brand Identity

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Financial Services, International, Professional Services/B2B

State Street: Unifying Brand Identity

Challenge: State Street’s three distinct institutional business units were fairly siloed, using different names and identities, and operating independently of one another. Plan-it worked with State Street on initiatives to create a single brand identity.

Objective: Plan-it explored how State Street could best serve the three distinct institutional business units with a consistent corporate brand identity by exploring attitudes toward branding these units and reactions to various identities.

Solution: Extensive personal interviews globally with key State Street stakeholders, including consultants, analysts, members of the media, clients and employees.

Result: Plan-it made branding recommendations that offered a single identity across the three business units while still distinguishing them from one another through sub-branding. In addition, Plan-it explored the value of the State Street logo and made recommendations to update and leverage the clipper ship logo to project a more modern and forward-thinking firm.