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Challenge: Website development and online marketing company and its agency created a new television spot targeted at small businesses to ensure this audience understood that’s services were appropriate for and could help in the growth of a small business.

Objective: To obtain feedback on the spot among the target audience of blue collar, white collar and pink collar businesses, specifically to understand the overall message conveyed, clarity and relevance of the storyline and reactions to specific language for relevance and impact.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a series of in-depth phone interviews among small business owners in a variety of industries across the country to gain reactions to the television concept (in storyboard form).

Result: Based on insights, Plan-it recommended and its agency move forward with the spot, while providing suggestions for some fine-tuning in terms of specific language and character interactions to insure its relevance to the target audience. The spot “Market Like A Bigger Business” launched with those suggestions incorporated and has been running regularly on the business news channels.