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Wild Harvest

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Food & Beverage, Product/Service Development/Viability, Products & Services, Qualitative Exploratory

Wild Harvest

Challenge: Star Market, a key grocery brand in the New England market, led the category in bringing a natural and specialty line of products into the mainstream grocery category.

Objective: After numerous brand-related projects, Star reached out to Plan-it to help launch the new Wild Harvest brand into the New England marketplace. Wild Harvest was an innovator at the time in introducing a new concept that combined all-natural, organic, and specialty store items with conventional everyday grocery products.

Solution: Plan-it conducted exploratory discussions and shop-alongs to understand attitudes and behavior toward grocery shopping and all-natural, organic products, unmet needs in the marketplace, and enthusiasm toward the Wild Harvest concept.

Result: Our ongoing work aided in making critical marketing and operational decisions for launch. The new concept was extremely successful for Star Market in differentiating the brand and building customer loyalty. Today, Wild Harvest continues to be a successful department within Shaw’s/Star Market.