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Leading Toy Company

Posted in: Product/Service Development/Viability, Retail

Leading Toy Company

Challenge: Plan-it partnered with a market leading toy company to help the brand determine the viability of expanding the brand into the infant category.

Objective: Launch the brand in the infant category by identifying key rational and emotional benefits that would motivate mothers across key target audiences to consider the brand/products in the infant category.

Solution: In-depth exploratory and ethnographic work was conducted among potential key target audiences, including expectant mothers, new mothers and experienced mothers. Plan-it explored the psychological and behavioral profiles of mothers with infants, their feelings about motherhood and parenting, and their perceptions and consideration of infant brands.

Result: Plan-it developed visual ethnographies, illustrating the distinct mindsets and behavior of key target audiences to help guide future strategic planning and product development efforts. A key recommendation was that the brand establish a new, innovative “play-gear” category. Plan-it identified critical core values the brand should demonstrate to own this category. Plan-it developed product, service and accessory recommendations for the brand to build the “play-gear” category, including convertible gear which extends the life/use of infant gear for multi-stage use, and toys for toddler and infant siblings to interact/play together. Plan-it recommended additional opportunities for the brand including sponsorship of curb-side pick-up/delivery services, parent/infant development guides, and branded play spaces for parents and infants.