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A Major Office Supply Retailer: Desktop and Mobile Usability

Posted in: Communications Development and Evaluation, Consumer Products, Website Usability

A Major Office Supply Retailer: Desktop and Mobile Usability

Challenge: A major office supplies company wanted to build its Back to School (BTS) market share by analyzing shopping and purchase behavior of its online and mobile BTS center to understand why site clicks/visits ultimately were not resulting in online purchases.

Objective: To understand more about online BTS shopping behavior and needs, including how Moms shop for back-to-school items, the emotional aspects of back-to-school shopping, critical needs and desires in an online shopping experience, and perceptions of the brand’s online experience relative to in-store and versus competitors. Ultimately, to determine how to optimize the online BTS experience moving forward.

Solution: Plan-it conducted in-depth usability interviews among moms of school-age children in the Boston and Chicago markets to review how moms use the site, ease of navigation and purchasing, and key messages communicated

Result: Based on insights from the study, Plan-it made recommendations to fine-tune the the BTS Online Center to improve navigation, relevancy, ease-of-use and messaging of the site.