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Cascade Designs

Posted in: Consumer Products, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

Cascade Designs

Challenge: Cascade Designs was developing new packaging for its Therm-a-Rest line of outdoor sleeping products and needed to understand what role the packaging played in driving brand perceptions and purchasing decisions.

Objective: To determine which packaging design will be most effective in the marketplace for the Therm-a-Rest line in terms of maintaining the brand’s core values while insuring the brand is up-to-date and relevant to outdoor enthusiasts.

Solution: Focus groups among outdoor enthusiasts included a variety of segments based on outdoor activity levels; different design packaging concepts were exposed to understand what each conveyed about the brand and the product, and their influence on purchase.

Result: Plan-it made recommendations for the packaging design that would help consumers more confidently make purchase decisions and would convey a more optimal image for the brand.