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Plan-it has extensive experience in technology, beginning with years of work on Lotus Notes, Digital Corporation, Wang and AMD. Since then, our work has included work in online banking for major U.S. and regional banks, and many initiatives with start-ups such as Groove Networks and Nuance/Dragon technologies, and @stake. Our work has included enterprise-wide product need identification and usage, brand positioning and development, product development, communications development, problem identification and user experience evaluation.
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    Challenge: SAP, the world’s largest provider of enterprise software solutions, and its marketing agency, White Rhino, were seeking to increase penetration of small to mid-sized companies with an entry level suite of business analytics and intelligence products. Objective: To gain an in-depth understanding of the mindset and behavior of key decision-makers...

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    Challenge: Comcast’s website did not reflect excitement or the interactive nature of the brand and it core values. Objective: Plan-it partnered with Comcast and its interactive agency, Beam, to update and redesign the Comcast site to increase relevance, improve the user-experience and motivate customers to more regularly interact with the site. Speci...

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    Challenge: Following the deregulation of the cable industry, the landscape had changed as a proliferation of new competitors emerged. Objective: To develop a thorough understanding of cable users’ behavior and attitudes toward the industry and new competitors, as well as their acceptance of Cablevision as a provider of related services. Solution: Pla...

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