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Eduventures: Website Evaluation

Posted in: Education/Cultural, Professional Services/B2B, Website Usability

Eduventures: Website Evaluation

Challenge: works with higher education leaders as an online provider of information, resources, and tools to assist in making informed decisions regarding strategy, financial sustainability of their institution, student success, and selecting and implementing technology solutions.

Objective: Plan-it worked with and the company’s interactive agency to evaluate the company’s web site. Learning was used as input for development of an entirely new site that would provide the most compelling and relevant information, resources, and tools, to motivate key target audiences to frequent the site.

Solution: In-depth interviews explored users’ reactions to the website in terms of ease of navigation, intuitiveness and clarity, content and brand messaging conveyed as potential users explored the site.

Result: Eduventures refined its site, including the overall look/design of the site and navigational elements.