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Boston University: Transfer Students

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Boston University: Transfer Students

Challenge: BU has seen a significant increase in the number of transfer undergraduate students and wanted to insure the University is meeting their housing needs.

Objectives: To determine whether the availability and quality of housing affects a transfer student’s decision to attend BU, identify the key aspects that keep transfer students on-campus once they are in BU Housing and profile students for whom housing is important to meet the needs of those students.

Solution: A two-phase study was conducted by Plan-it among on-campus and off-campus transfer students:

Phase 1: An Exploratory among transfers obtained in-depth learning regarding the housing decision process, and the importance of housing in choosing a transfer school. Findings in this phase were used as input for the quantitative phase.

Phase 2: A Quantitative Housing Study confirmed learning from the qualitative phase regarding the important housing features that drive students’ housing decision, and was used to profile transfers for whom housing is a critical decision factor.

Result: Plan-it made recommendations that have been used as input for developing an effective transfer student strategy long-term.

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