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Boston University: Driving Applicants and Enrollment Conversion

Posted in: Art & Culture, Education/Cultural, Marketing Profile & Segmentation, Qualitative Exploratory

Boston University: Driving Applicants and Enrollment Conversion

Challenge: On the heels of helping drive enrollment across the university overall and within specific schools, Plan-it worked with The College of Fine Arts on driving enrollment among top-tier students after acceptance and helping predict future behavior for each of its three Schools (School of Music, School of Theatre and School of Visual Arts).

Objective: To understand the key drivers and messaging that impact the enrollment decision

Solution: Plan-it conducted a three-phased study, which included a Qualitative Exploratory, Quantitative Conjoint/Decision Simulation and Conversion Simulator.

Result: Our work is being used for the development of new umbrella messaging for the College of Fine Arts along with specific support messages for each of the College’s three Schools, to help drive conversion within the College of Fine Arts and insure future prospects understand the opportunity offered by these top-tier BU Schools.

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